Introducing Benchmark Pay

Benchmark Solutions is always working to offer more. We understand the industry is growing and becoming more complex and as a technology and services provider it’s our job to ensure we offer efficient technology that works.

To continue to broaden our offerings we are excited to announce the launch of Benchmark Pay. Benchmark Pay is our new online payment portal that integrates with OpenEdge, a full-featured payment processing solution.

So what does this do for you and your practice? We’re glad you asked.

Benchmark Pay will help streamline your practice financials and keep your team on track by offering an easy-to-use online portal where payments are tracked and processed in real-time. Integration with OpenEdge allows patients to pay bills online by either scanning the provided QR code or typing the provided URL and following the steps to view charges associated with their statement. Patients will have the flexibility to pay bills in full or individually choose which services they can pay.

Want to hear the best part? Once the patient has submitted their payment it will automatically show up in the Practice Management system. There is nothing for your staff to key!

iMD Integration

iMD works to educate and engage your patients with 5,600+ medical topics with over 110,000 patient-friendly images, videos and brochures. iMD is integrated right in the Benchmark Pay portal with suggested resources based on ICD-10 codes.

If you currently utilize our Benchmark Revenue Cycle Management services, Benchmark Pay allows us to apply patients credit card information directly into the portal for quick, easy paying. No more having to send card information back to the practice for staff to process payments. It’s time you get paid, faster!

With Benchmark Pay, capture more payments with less frustration.


Learn more about our integrated payments partner here: Global Payments Integrated


Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today!