At Benchmark Systems, we believe that knowledge is power, so we’re sharing ours. Below you will find several free downloadable resources. From the latest industry best practices, to checklists and how-to’s, we’ve provided a continually updating stock of various resources for our customers and hopefully our soon-to-be customers as well.

Each resource below focuses on its own unique topic and learning objectives, but all promise to inform, educate and arm our clients with the newest information on solution updates, best practices and tools, and latest industry knowledge.

Current Resource List:

Remote Patient Monitoring | The Latest Technology with Value-Based Care

Here at Benchmark Systems, it is our job to bring relevant solutions to our clients.  We address the entire gamut of Remote Patient Monitoring from device selection all the way through to reimbursement billing.  We understand clinical workflow and therefore assure that even a new program has minimal impact to the day to day office processes.  

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Remote Patient Monitoring | Patient Engagement
Remote Patient Monitoring | Interoperability
Electronic Health Record | What Can Benchmark Systems EHR Do For Your Practice?

Choosing an EHR for your practice can be a difficult task. See what Benchmark Systems EHR has to offer, and maybe we can simplify that decision for you!

We are more than just a technology vendor. With live Training and Implementation, and a 5-star rated support staff, your decision may be easier than you think.

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Practice Management | Why Rely on Benchmark Practice Management?

We think Practice Management solutions should help you practice medicine – not just automate billing and claims management. That’s why we’ve designed Benchmark PM to streamline workflows across your practice improving front and back office operations to reduce errors, improve patient care and boost revenue.

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Revenue Cycle Management | Medical Billing Vendor Assessment Checklist

Making a move from in-house to outsourced billing can transform your practice’s operational and financial performance. But before you consider an outside billing partner, it’s critical to assess your current processes and requirements. We’ve provided a checklist to get you started.

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Revenue Cycle Management | How to Manage Denied Claims

If your denied claims rate is over 4%, then your denial rate is too high. This resource will help your medical practice reduce the percentage of denied claims at your practice and avoid many of your top denials all together.

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Revenue Cycle Management | Is Your Practice Struggling to Collect what it Should?

Benchmark RCM works to collect every dollar you’ve earned. Allow your staff to focus more on patients and less back office collections.

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