Seamless scheduling, billing, and reporting, tailor-made for your clinical practice.

Benchmark Solutions has been partnering with practices just like yours for decades — and our years of experience have helped us build a patient engagement solution that’s easy to use and fitted with all the features you need.

Billing Features

Benchmark PM’s built-in billing platform makes it easier than ever to file, process, and follow up on claims. 

Claims Management. File and follow up on claims with private insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid all within our billing system. Once you’ve submitted a claim, you can view your claim status in real time, allowing you to refile or correct claims in one place for faster reimbursement. 

Integrated Clearinghouse. We partner with a Clearinghouse to increase the chances of filing clean claims, allowing for quick reimbursement with minimal errors.

Electronic Billing. With Benchmark PM, you can send paper or digital statements and superbills to patients.

Insurance Verification. Once you’ve captured your patients’ insurance information, our system makes it easy to upload that data and verify coverage so you can quickly file claims post-encounter.

Payment Portal. Easily capture patient payments with Benchmark Pay, our portal solution that can be tailored to your needs.

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Patient Engagement Features

Benchmark PM allows you to engage with your patients like never before, from initial intake through their final encounter. 

Patient Onboarding. Quickly capture patient demographics to create a medical profile while scheduling the first appointment, allowing for faster check-ins. This information can automatically port to your EHR, saving your staff members even more time.

Appointment Scheduling. Book appointments with ease, while filtering criteria and viewing availability for multiple resources (providers, equipment, or locations) all at once. Benchmark PM will automatically jump to the first available appointment time that meets your criteria. Patients can even self-schedule with our easy-to-navigate booking page.

Appointment Reminders. Send reminders to your patients and reduce the risk of no-shows. Benchmark PM supports text, email, and voice reminders, all of which can be scheduled at whatever cadence works best for your team and patients alike.

Effortless Reporting. Generate robust reports about your practice’s day-to-day operations and billing with a few clicks. Benchmark Solutions’ practice management software has completely customizable report templates that can adapt to the needs of your medical practice.

Customizable Dashboards. Benchmark PM can display data with user-friendly dashboards upon initial login so you can quickly audit your practice’s operations and performance.

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Why clients recommend Benchmark PM:

  • Five-star rated, US-based in-house support team.
  • Customizable calendar views for quick booking, and optional online patient scheduling portal embedded into your practice’s website. 
  • User-friendly reporting tools. 
  • Time-saving integrations. 
  • Automated insurance eligibility verification.
  • Integrated Clearinghouse functionality.
  • Dozens of supported specialties.

"I love Benchmark Solutions! It's very user-friendly and has great customer service. They always get back to you right away. Even if they can't answer your questions right away, they let you know what they're doing and provide ETAs. It's nice to know you are not being ignored. Getting my reports is so much easier, not to mention statements. It used to take us up to three days to do all four doctors. Now we are done in a couple

Alex | Corday Medical Group

"The product is super user friendly. It is easy to learn and easy to train new users on. With great reports to help provide information to the business office on productivity is an added bonus. We are also able to find anything that has been entered into the system easily with a check and balance errors are found fast and corrected. Great Practice Management software for the cost and versatility! We needed a more versatile product that would cover

Cassie | Aviation and Occupational Medicine

"Our practice made the switch to Benchmark Solutions in 2018 and have been extremely happy with its functionality. PM system has great billing components. EHR system has customization for templates. Support calls are answered expediently and the customer services representatives are always polite and helpful. I have been in the healthcare industry for over 25yrs and they have the best customer services of any other software company I have dealt with in the past. I highly recommend them to any

Donna | East Cardiovascular Specialists

"Superb. The support staff at Benchmark Solutions is fabulous. I just want to say thanks to the many support team members at Benchmark Solutions who I don't get a chance to personally thank. I know that my emails and phone calls get routed by a team of dedicated support staff members at Benchmark Solutions who do a lot of the behind the scenes work that I never get to see. It is obvious that Benchmark Solution's support is a well-oiled

Dr. Emmett Berg | Healthline Medical Group

"Best Decision Ever! Love the software, easy to use and love the people behind the software. They made a wonderful product and they teach you how to use it easily. We were in the market for new software when our old server crashed. I called Benchmark Solutions and they had me up and running very quickly. Training was very easy and I was pretty much on my own in no time. Whenever I call support they are able to resolve

Kaye | Dr. Robert F. Crowell DO

"Here's our story: we have worked with Benchmark for years. We thought it was time to try another industry-specific software, so we began moving away from using Benchmark Solutions as a platform. We tried the new system for 7 months, but we are now are coming back to Benchmark for the sophisticated accounting software. We thought we had found a system better than Benchmark, but that was not the case for our accounting team. Benchmark includes a powerful billing system

Ruth | Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic

"Support is great! Easy to use and navigate program. We have used this software for many years now and would recommend to other people that may be interested in this product I do not have any negative comments or suggestions! All positive from my standpoint! No cons!" 

Sherry | Goode Medical Management

"What I like best about Benchmark Solutions's products is that they actually function to their claim; what I mean by that is that their software will actually increase efficiency and be beneficial to a practice. A lot of the other systems out there do not have user-friendly interfaces and end up slowing things down and just costing more money."

Susan | Dennis Costello, MD

"Benchmark PM has helped our workflow at the front desk with phone calls and email responses tremendously."

Toni | Aviation and Occupational Medicine

Your scheduling, workflows, reports, and billing dashboards–just the way you like them. 

What would you change about your current Practice Management software? Let us show you how to personalize your Benchmark PM to perfectly fit your healthcare practice needs.

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