Outsource revenue cycle management services to our RCM team of experts that can improve the overall health of your practice and cut down on time-consuming tasks.

Benchmark RCM Benefits

Reliable, Experienced Staff

Certified coding professionals who have an average of 12 – 15 years of experience in medical practice billing who are ultimately there to improve your bottom line.

Software Programs with a Human Touch

Responsive staff are an extension of your practice’s team, and are on-hand whenever you need them. 

Customizable, Full Service RCM

Revenue cycle management services are scalable and tailored to your healthcare organization’s needs. 

Proprietary Billing Platform

Revenue cycle management solutions clients will have access to our proprietary billing platform, with Clearinghouse integration, so you can easily assess the financial health of your practice, anytime.

Seamless Integrations

Clients who do not use Benchmark PM and Benchmark EHR can still use Benchmark RCM services. Our staff will adapt to your workflows and integrate with your systems at no additional cost.

Medical Coding Review

Benchmark EHR clients benefit from automated coding recommendations based on each encounter.

Data Entry and Account Management

Our revenue cycle management solutions experts enter in demographic, charge, and payment data—saving your team time, and reducing your practice’s administrative overhead.

Billing and Follow-Up

Revenue cycle management services include filing claims, making corrections, taking patient inquiries and talking with insurance providers and other payers. 

Denial Management

Handle claim revisions and resubmissions to promptly address denials and maximize reimbursement.

Benchmark Pay

Benchmark RCM clients can use Benchmark Pay for free*–allowing patients to pay bills online for quick, secure, and easy transactions.

*Credit card processing fees apply

Why clients recommend us as their healthcare revenue cycle management solution:

  • Increased collections by an average of 10 – 15% within the first year.
  • Reduce AR from a national average of 56 days to under 30 days.
  • Five-star rated RCM support team, reducing overhead costs for hiring and training billing specialists. 
  • Maximized reimbursements, with a 98% first pass claims submission payment.
  • Benchmark RCM fees are based on successful transactions, which lets practices control their cash flow.

Benchmark RCM Service Offerings

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Patient Registration and Eligibility
Charge Entry
ICD/CPT Coding
Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Denial Management / Collections Process
Patient Billing

1. Patient Registration and Eligibility

Benchmark RCM works to accurately place all demographic and insurance entries into the billing platform.

2. Charge Entry

Entry of all charges are then billed to insurance and/or patient.

3. ICD/CPT Coding

Benchmark RCM works to ensure proper diagnosis and procedure code are on claim for payment.  Benchmark RCM offers everything from code review up to direct coding from notes.

4. Claim Submission

Our integrated clearinghouse allows for quick and accurate claims submission and filing. Benchmark RCM has a 98% first pass submission rate on claims for payment.  Benchmark RCM offers everything from code review up to direct coding from notes.

5. Payment Posting

After claims are created and sent to insurances, the practice will receive a Remittance Advice or Explanation of Payment from the insurance carrier in the mail. Practice will then fax or scan to our RCM team for payments to be posted.

6. Denial Management / Collections Process

If there are any denials, Benchmark RCM works to correct any discrepancies and re-submit to insurance or have an insurance representative reprocess claim. Denials are worked until there is no additional recourse. Our team will work with a collection agency of the practices’ choice and whether to send delinquent accounts to collections.

7. Patient Billing

Benchmark RCM works to generate patient statements and determine an efficient process for sending patient statements. Benchmark RCM offers Benchmark Pay, an online payment portal that works to receive electronic payments directly from the patient. If the practice decides to send patients to collections, our RCM team works directly with several collection agencies to make information submission seamless.

8. Reporting

Benchmark RCM works with practices to determine specific reporting requirements and desired reporting schedules. In addition, practices are given full access to the Benchmark Solutions platform to access any reports, any time - all billing methods are 100% transparent.

Are you ready to control your cash flow, maximize reimbursements, and reduce your AR to less than a month?

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“We were shocked to see the difference in adding the patient portal to the collections of our payments.  Up 66%. I really do appreciate the addition of the portal; I was ready to hire another employee but didn’t have to since the payments go directly into the patient account. Thanks Benchmark Solutions!”

Ruth | Evergreen Speech and Hearing

"I love Benchmark Solutions! It's very user-friendly and has great customer service. They always get back to you right away. Even if they can't answer your questions right away, they let you know what they're doing and provide ETAs. It's nice to know you are not being ignored. Getting my reports is so much easier, not to mention statements. It used to take us up to three days to do all four doctors. Now we are done in a couple

Alex | Corday Medical Group

"The product is super user friendly. It is easy to learn and easy to train new users on. With great reports to help provide information to the business office on productivity is an added bonus. We are also able to find anything that has been entered into the system easily with a check and balance system...so errors are found fast and corrected. Great Practice Management software for the cost and versatility! We needed a more versatile product that would cover

Cassie | Aviation and Occupational Medicine

"Superb. The support staff at Benchmark Solutions is fabulous. I just want to say thanks to the many support team members at Benchmark Solutions who I don't get a chance to personally thank. I know that my emails and phone calls get routed by a team of dedicated support staff members at Benchmark Solutions who do a lot of the behind the scenes work that I never get to see. It is obvious that Benchmark Solution's support is a well-oiled

Emmett | Healthline Medical Group

"Best Decision Ever! Love the software, easy to use and love the people behind the software. They made a wonderful product and they teach you how to use it easily. We were in the market for new software when our old server crashed. I called Benchmark Solutions and they had me up and running very quickly. Training was very easy and I was pretty much on my own in no time. Whenever I call support they are able to resolve

Kaye | Dr. Robert F. Crowell DO

"Here's our story: we have worked with Benchmark for years. We thought it was time to try another industry-specific software, so we began moving away from using Benchmark Solutions as a platform. We tried the new system for 7 months, but we are now are coming back to Benchmark for the sophisticated accounting software. We thought we had found a system better than Benchmark, but that was not the case for our accounting team. Benchmark includes a powerful billing system

Ruth | Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic

"Support is great! Easy to use and navigate program. We have used this software for many years now and would recommend to other people that may be interested in this product I do not have any negative comments or suggestions! All positive from my standpoint! No cons!" 

Sherry | Goode Medical Management