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If you already use Microsoft 365 or Office 365, give us the opportunity to lower your license costs. If we’re unable to beat your current cost, we’ll give you a single free Office 365 license for 12 months. For new customers, if you purchase Microsoft 365 or Office 365 through us, we’ll give you a single free license for 12 months. Restrictions apply.
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ProTech: Affordable Custom IT Solutions for Your Business

Benchmark Systems ProTech provides IT services for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers a wide variety of options for managing businesses’ computer systems and networks, using proprietary software and advanced processes to safeguard and maintain their functionality.

Benchmark Systems takes pride in getting work done right the first time, leaving no loose ends or half-finished jobs. Clients trust our IT Support team because of their reliability, responsibility, and initiative. ProTech is flexible and customizable enough to serve many types of businesses and industries, such as medical practices, CPAs, hotels, retail stores, and more.

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Wide-Reaching, Diverse Managed Services

Benchmark Systems is locally based in Central Virginia. However, because our ProTech service is primarily virtual rather than on-site, customers across the country can use ProTech solutions. We can supplement IT network caretaking measures in many ways, providing equipment and custom assistance for clients as needed or on a contract basis. Work can take place in batches of time from a distance, or ProTech can become a business’s primary services provider.

ProTech is also capable of using existing equipment and setups, so services can scale according to customer needs. If any equipment needs to be changed out or upgraded, we can help make recommendations for what to use and help with installation.

Customized IT Solutions

Information technology is a big industry with many moving parts that all affect each other. The IT support services offered through ProTech are comprehensive and diverse in order to meet these needs. Whatever IT needs a business has, ProTech can handle them, providing nothing less and nothing more than the services the business needs and wants. ProTech can help businesses with:

  • Monitoring systems, servers, software functionality, and databases
  • Equipment and server maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Data security, encryption, and loss prevention
  • Network connectivity and speed
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Botnet protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Vulnerability assessments & scanning
  • Encrypted email for enhanced cybersecurity
  • PC & server exploit patch management
  • Spam, phishing, malware, and virus protection
  • Employee data security training
  • Drive encryption
  • Data destruction services

ProCare: A ProTech Specialty Solution

Benchmark Systems also offers a unique service called ProCare. ProCare is an optional, proactive IT solution that monitors systems and alerts staff to potential problems before they develop. It performs antivirus tasks, remote monitoring, and data backup so businesses can rest assured that their data is protected. ProCare helps stop IT problems before they start, adding an extra layer of security and defense to business’s computer systems and servers.

Why Choose ProTech?

Businesses grow and network needs inevitably change over time. As a business grows, it may need more than just a small IT team or a single technician to manage servers and network. ProTech offers everything a business could need to maintain its daily operations and keep business running smoothly. Benchmark Systems technicians can help service IT infrastructure, or can partner with businesses to become their IT support team. ProTech solutions interface with and integrate directly into existing systems so everything works seamlessly.

ProTech operates with high levels of security standards to ensure that data doesn’t become compromised or lost. ProTech is able to protect all sensitive information and prevent hacking, file corruption, and any other form of compromised data. Its compatibility with existing systems combines with our excellent customer service to provide businesses with the IT experience they deserve.

Benchmark Systems’ Software Suite

Private medical practices can especially benefit from using ProTech. While ProTech is able to take care of a wide variety of business technology needs, it works especially well when paired with one or more of Benchmark Systems’ proprietary healthcare practice solutions: Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, and Revenue Cycle Management. These solutions can work together with great efficiency to improve productivity in a medical practice, helping improve their ability to serve patients. Streamlined workflows resulting from one or more of these IT services can also help them operate at their best and get the most compensation for care possible.

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