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The average clinician spends half their day at a desk coding encounters and writing notes, and just a third of their time face-to-face with patients.1 Take back your time with Benchmark EHR.

Benchmark EHR is an intuitive, user-friendly multi-purpose electronic health record system that flexibly supports more than 40 specialties. With Benchmark EHR’s customizable templates and workflows, clinicians save time while seamlessly maintaining patient charts, ordering prescriptions, and coding encounters.

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Why clients recommend Benchmark EHR:

  • Five-star rated in-house support team.
  • Fully customizable to your specialty and practice needs.
  • Flexible and user-friendly.
  • Time-saving automations and coding modules.
  • Built with healthcare providers in mind.
 I had a really good experience with Benchmark because they took us on and did a great job. When we started looking for an EHR system, it was just natural to go to Benchmark. We looked around at a few other products, but it was just a no brainer for us to choose Benchmark because our experience has been so positive. Now that we have taken on the EHR, we are so much more efficient with a paperless system. Not

Diane | Kenneth L. Holling, M.D.

Great customer service Our practice made the switch to Benchmark Systems in 2018 and have been extremely happy with its functionality. PM system has great billing components. EHR system has customization for templates. Support calls are answered expediently and the customer services representatives are always polite and helpful. I have been in the healthcare industry for over 25yrs and they have the best customer services of any other software company I have dealt with in the past. I highly recommend

Donna | East Cardiovascular Specialists

Benchmark Clinical is one of the best EHR systems I've ever used! The product was extremely intuitive and user-friendly. What I really loved the most is the support. Benchmark Systems has an awesome support service; timey response, courteous at all times, helpful to a fault.

Dorian | Formerly with- Pulmedix

Superb. The support staff at Benchmark Systems is fabulous. I just want to say thanks to the many support team members at Benchmark Systems who I don't get a chance to personally thank. I know that my Emails and Phone Calls get routed by a team of dedicated support staff members at Benchmark Systems who do a lot of the behind the scenes work that I never get to see. It is obvious that Benchmark System's support is a well-oiled

Emmett | Healthline Medical Group

Best Decision Ever! Love the software, easy to use and Love the people behind the software. They made a wonderful product and they teach you how to use it easily. Pros We were in the market for new software when our old server crashed. I called Benchmark Systems and they had me up and running very quickly. Training was very easy and I was pretty much on my own in no time. Whenever I call support they are able to

Kaye | Dr. Robert F. Crowell DO

Best EMR I have ever used! Pros This EMR is so easy to use. I don't ever get lost, and the templates are so easy to create and manipulate. My last system said it was customizable, but nothing was reportable. It also took me days to create a form I liked. This system rocks! It's so much better than anything else out there. When I was a student, we used a system that was awful, and I was not excited

Martha | Alhearst OBGYN

The previous EHR I worked with had no support, and I needed something that could support my needs and not take a day to fix any issue I might encounter. I also needed something on short notice, and I am so glad Benchmark Systems was able to help me. My staff learned the system in less than a weeks time and became very familiar with it. Benchmark Systems was very helpful in installing the software and customizing it to my

Rajaraman | Iyer Pediatric Care Clinic

Great customer service Support is great! Pros Easy to use and navigate program. We have used this software for many years now and would recommend to other people that may be interested in this product Cons I do not have any negative comments or suggestions! All positive from my standpoint! No cons! 

Sherry | Goode Medical Management

Benchmark EHR Features

User-friendly, Integrated Patient Portal*

Patients can easily access lab results, order prescription refills, message their provider, check appointments, and complete forms to streamline office visits and improve patient engagement.

ICD-10 and CPT Code Recommendations in real-time

Benchmark EHR’s automated evaluation and management code recommendations are based on time spent and level of complexity.

Customizable Workflows

Easily adapt your EHR system to your needs and spend less time searching for the most important criteria for your medical practice and patients.

Five-Star Support Team

The Benchmark EHR support team is responsive, and a dedicated implementation team provides training, and helps clients optimize workflows through customization.

Integrated Practice Management Software

Together, Benchmark EHR and Benchmark PM seamlessly connects your entire office from patient demographics to codes and billing information, promoting true interoperability

Tailor-made Templates and Forms

Customize pre-built templates based on your specialty, or build one from scratch based on your data requirements.

Meaningful Use Educational Materials

E-mail, message, or print helpful patient fact sheets and resources from MedlinePlus that correspond with the patient’s diagnosis. 

Easier Progress Notes

Customize the template and dashboard view to quickly cross-reference patient data and medical history while taking notes during patient encounters.

Find Your Specialty

Allergy and Immunology
Community & FQHCs
Family Practice
General Surgery
Infectious Disease

Internal Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Oncology, Hematology
Otolaryngology / ENT

Pain Management
Physical Therapy
Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
Speech Therapy
Urgent Care

Not on the list? Our US-based support team will custom-build your dashboards, intake forms, and modules to streamline your electronic health records management. Let us show you how easy it is to configure Benchmark EHR. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our experts.

* The patient portal is an add-on.
1 Annals of Internal Medicine, 2017

Your dashboards, notes, and templates–just the way you like them.

What would you change about your current EHR? Let us show you how to personalize your Benchmark EHR to perfectly fit your practice needs.

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