Technology Challenges

Aviation and Occupational Medicine’s previous web-based scheduling solution would allow patients to request appointments but the actual scheduling process was still manual for the clinic. This was time consuming for both the practice and patients as they waited for confirmation of their requested appointment.

Operational Challenges

Delayed appointment confirmations resulted in increased phone calls for the front desk staff to book appointments only to find they had been booked online. Excessive time was spent rescheduling appointments.

The Solution

Benchmark PM Patient Self Scheduling

Benchmark PM completely eliminated the back and forth process of booking appointments; cutting their phone calls and redundant work down tremendously. The website inquiry allowed patients to “simply book an appointment that suits them, whenever and wherever they are at the time, and viola”.

Expand Your Capabilities With:

  • Forty years of uninterrupted PM Experience
  • Streamline workflows between front and back offices
  • 360-degree view of claims, EOB’s, and payment posting operations
  • Real-time analytic dashboards
"Benchmark PM has helped our workflow at the front desk with phone calls and email responses tremendously."

Toni | Aviation and Occupational Medicine