Breaking Down the Top Podiatry Practice Management Software from Benchmark Solutions

Selecting the appropriate podiatry practice management software for your practice can be a difficult decision. With so many choices out there, it can seem overwhelming at the very least. When you work with Benchmark Solutions, you can be confident that you will have access to all the essential features and more. We will break down the top areas this software covers to make your decision that much easier.  

Podiatrist examining a persons foot. His left palm is touching the bottom of the foot and his right hand is holding above the ankle.


Improves Flexibility That Meets Your Patient Engagement Needs 

Patient satisfaction is crucial for running a practice, especially for podiatry practices who face this obstacle regularly. Benchmark PM not only prioritizes the patient experience by focusing on efficiency for patient onboarding, appointment scheduling, and appointment reminders, but also being flexible with patient engagement preferences.  

We understand that podiatry patients, who may be of older generations and the elderly, may prefer not to engage with certain technology features. Therefore, we offer flexibility that allows patients to opt out of using these features if they prefer traditional methods. How your patients interact with your practice from these touch points is how they base a significant portion of their experience, and providing options ensures that all patients feel valued and supported. Patient onboarding can be especially important for making those good first impressions. Tailoring your podiatry practice management software to meet the preferences of your patient demographics guarantees a better experience. 


Customizes Administrative and Clinical Workflows

Administrative tasks can consume a significant amount of time and resources in any podiatry practice. Having customizable reporting and dashboard capabilities to assist lets you and your staff put your energy towards other tasks. With Benchmark PM, you have the flexibility to generate detailed reports of operations and billing data. The dashboards are user-friendly and provide at-a-glance insights into key metrics.  

When working paired together with Benchmark EHR, you’ll have access to advanced charting features that allow you to customize any template or report. Choose from a library of pre-built podiatry templates or create your own!

  • Complaints: Provides a list of complaints related to podiatry patient issues. Document elements and results such as pain score, location, and more.
  • Physical Exams: Keeps an organized list of podiatry physical exam details. These can be sorted by the physical exam type to keep your appointments standardized.
  • Procedures: Easily documents podiatry procedures to help in treatment planning and monitoring of your podiatry patients.
  • Image Management: With the draw tool, you have the capability to select an image, such as of a foot, then view, annotate and add progress notes within the system. Benchmark EHR also has an area to keep pictures, that allows you to upload and store real photographs. These can be displayed on the progress notes if you prefer to do so.  

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Boosts Your Cashflow with a PM built for Medical Billing  

Finding ways to boost your cashflow is a must for growing profitability. From customized billing work lists, to integrating a clearinghouse, and even setting up easy workers compensation billing templates, Benchmark’s medical billing software takes care of it all, reducing errors and headaches along the way. 

Utilizing the insurance verification feature, you can ensure that you obtain and process the correct information quickly. With an online patient payment portal, like Benchmark Pay, the need for collecting payment over the phone is minimized and in turn gets more off your staff’s plate. Benchmark PM allows for a smooth process of billing related tasks, streamlining financial management and optimizing operational efficiency. The software even has built in coding for ICD-10 and CPT codes, ensuring accurate documentation tailored specifically to the podiatry field. With automatic code recommendations, our software was built with you in mind to help save time and reduce coding errors.   


Podiatry Practices Find Value in Working with Benchmark Solutions 

Benchmark PM is a game-changer for podiatry practice’s looking to enhance their workflows and overall profitability. By improving flexibility that meets your patient’s engagement needs, customizing administrative and clinical workflows, and boosting cash flow with a PM built for medical billing, this podiatry practice management software empowers your practice to be the best in today’s competitive podiatry landscape. Don’t let these mundane tasks hold your practice back – reach out to Benchmark Solutions today to see how we can help. 

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This article only scratches the surface of what Benchmark PM has to offer – be sure to learn more about Benchmark PM.