Being in healthcare technology for 39 years, we know how it goes when providers decide to make decisions solely on price and not consider options that provide the most value to them and their staff. The largest differentiator for Benchmark Systems in these circumstances is always going to be service. First, look at the implementation plan; are they putting the expectation on the practice to do the setup and configuration items and then promising to “walk you through it?” The old saying of “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” certainly applies here. Sure, they may offer free implementation and support services or give video training modules and pdf resources to learn the system on your own, but doesn’t having a live implementation specialist with you every step of the way seem less painful? Vendors offering cheaper models can rarely offer same day service. From both an implementation and a support point of view, if you have questions, you may get a response in a couple days. I have even seen companies that offer completely free implementation & training for 90 days; stay away! Not only are you paying for it in your monthly subscription, but with their service model, one can rarely finish an implementation in that period, leading to additional costs being passed on after that period.

Some vendors will make you register for training sessions and it’s not the 1 on 1 personal training that you would get through the Benchmark Systems implementation. From the project kick-off through the go-live and on, our clients are given complete access to their Training & Implementation Specialist to ask questions and get best practice tips. Our training sessions are customized and tailored to the needs of our clients and its always a “feel free to interrupt me as I go” environment. I suppose an un-personalized video series works for some folks, but our reputation has been built on the personalized and focused implementations we deliver.

The idea is to make things as easy as possible on our clients as they go through transition – that’s why we don’t stick the responsibility on the client to do their own template design. As part of our professional service offering, we scope out templates and forms that the practice is interested in using, and then build them in our system. We have hundreds of procedure notes and templates for any type of specialty and we can always customize the existing notes as well. My team has dedicated resources for design, as we understand how important clinical documentation is.

Our support services are top notch and our Software Advice reviews will tell the same story. While we do not have 24 hour services, the support email address is constantly monitored for urgent issues after hours, and obviously during business hours we do an excellent job of getting back to client’s same day.

Not happy with your system, but worried about the burden of re-training all your employees? Reach out and let’s discuss a training and implementation plan to eliminate that burden. We’re here for you!