The Benchmark Systems RCM team is made up of 16 employees from locations including Richmond, VA, Northern VA, St Louis, MO, and our corporate office in Lynchburg, VA.   They have a total of 222 years of combined billing experience as well as 6 Certified Professional Coders – Lets just go on ahead and say this team is a powerhouse!

Benchmark Systems RCM currently provides services to physicians in a multitude of specialties.  Services include everything from demographic entry to pursuing past due patient balances.  Benchmark Systems RCM speciliaizes in accounts receivable and denial management to ensure practices are achieving their maximum reimbursements.

Angie Martin, RCM team manager says “The best part of being on the RCM team is knowing that we are providing a service that not only saves the customer time and money, but also in most cases, we are able to increase their revenue simply by following up on Accounts Receivable. Many get behind and are unable to pursue due to the staffing constraints created by a busy practice setting, and that’s just one of the many areas we can transform for them.”

From interviewing the RMC team, we found out their favorite part about the Benchmark Systems’ culture is the feeling of family.  In most business settings, there is a feeling of sterility and complacency among the employees.  Almost everyone is there simply to “put in their time”.  The RCM team feels as though Antworks’ employees are like extensions of their own families.   They show a genuine concern for one another and a desire to improve one another’s situation, whatever it may be.  This is invaluable because statistically we all spend more of our time with our co-workers than we do our actual families.

To extend their thoughts on family, this proves to be true as even our customers get to experience that family atmosphere. The RCM team has often received gifts from our customers thanking them for the hard work they put in, and for truly caring about the health of their practice. See the below flowers sent in by Encore OBgyn!


Some interesting ‘little known’ facts about some of our RCM staff:

Carly Allen- Her dog is a “dork” but the most lovable dog there is. As we asked Carly to share something about herself and she brings up her dog, you know that bond is tight!

Cheryl Hull- One thing Cheryl enjoys is turning on 80’s music and dancing around the living room with her granddaughters – she always loves to talk about her granddaughters.

Breanne Dean- she has a fear of worms… “I have no problem with spiders but worms are freaky”

Sarah Cass- In Sarah’s free time, she enjoys cooking, especially on family/friend game nights. We are big fans of her cooking in the office as well.

Jennifer Deddens- This girl is always on the move, and is a go-getter as many of her clients could probably attest to so it only makes sense that she ENJOYS running in trail foot races. Her favorites are those with obstacles.

LaDonna Merkey- This lady really does do it all. Aside from her time here in the office, she is busy outside the office with ‘flipping’ her first house.

Rachael Burford- Rachel is another one of our ladies who loves to stay busy. If you’ve ever done woodworking and DYI projects, you know it takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and time. With a hobby that entails those apects it only makes sense for her to be as detail orientated with her work within the office.

Kim Green- We have another cook in the house, can never get enough of those! Kim enjoys cooking and is always looking for new recipes to try just like at Benchmark Systems, she is always looking for new projects to take on.

Keith Herald- Should we say Papa Keith? We are excited for Keith as he will become a grandpa in July. If he wasn’t already busy enough with all the hard work he does at Benchmark Systems, he also runs a catering business in his ‘down time’. Though that ‘downtime’ is going to be changing here very soon!


We love our RCM team, as do many of our clients. We are thankful for their every day hard work and are glad to have each and every one of them part of the Benchmark Systems team!