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Benchmark Systems understands that each specialty is drastically different in the way that you practice medicine, so we have crafted our specialty solutions to match those flexible needs. With Benchmark Systems EHR, there is no need to sift through irrelevant information or try to design content on your own. Our Online EHR will be delivered 85% specialty complete and our staff will work with you to customize the other 15% to your specific needs. Looking for revenue cycle management or practice management software? We’ve got that too! Even your initial demo can be specialty specific. Want to learn More?

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We tried to find a system to suit our needs and went with something cheap first. Big mistake. Since adopting Benchmark Systems, we have had very few issues and love what we bought.

Michael Gordon, M.D.


What I like best about Benchmark Systems’ products is that they actually function to their claim; what I mean by that is that their software will actually increase efficiency and be beneficial to a practice.

Dennis Costello, M.D.


Benchmark is very great at helping you get the software exactly how YOU would like it. The customizable aspect of the software is priceless and will save you a ton of time once formatted correctly to your standards.

Leslie Tupchong, M.D.

Radiology / Imaging