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Looking for a way to empower patients to live healthier lives and enhance virtual care in your practice? Introducing Benchmark RPM, a comprehensive, device-free remote patient monitoring solution designed to meet the needs of your practice.

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Introducing Benchmark RPM:
A Groundbreaking New Program for Monitoring Health at Home

Benchmark RPM allows your practice to seamlessly monitor patients outside the standard clinical setting without significantly impacting your workflow. Our advanced technology lets providers keep abreast of patients’ symptoms and vitals while lowering costs, saving time and increasing revenue. 

Patients can regularly measure and submit their vital signs through our app to our secure cloud-based platform for review. Our team of remote patient monitoring experts will work with your practice to identify an infrastructure that works for you, pairing existing disparate software with our deviceless technology utilizing our platform’s interoperability.

Providers and patients can collaborate with a dedicated care team to develop personalized health plans to manage chronic diseases and maintain general wellness together — improving patient outcomes.

Benchmark RPM Features

Easy-to-use app and platform.
Easy-to-use app and platform.

The foundation of our RPM system is an AI-driven, customizable mobile app, created by HealthyLYF, that captures vitals using the patient’s own smartphone or tablet. This innovative app pairs with our RPM portal, a secure, cloud-based platform that houses patient data seconds after it’s submitted. Since our RPM program doesn’t focus on using traditional medical devices, patients and providers can easily track health conditions with minimal overhead costs.

Wide range of parameters.
Wide range of parameters.

Our technology can measure a range of biophysical signs: (blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, heart rate variability, breath rate, stress level, energy recovery ability, and much more). As the landscape of RPM continues to advance, our platform will, too, so you’ll be able to capture even more patient data in under a minute.

High-quality outsourced care team.
High-quality outsourced care team.

Our specialized healthcare professionals conduct all interactions and can answer patient questions for you. Our nurses partner with patients, ensuring they understand their prescribed treatment course, including how to use the technology to track physiological data properly. That way, you can trust that you’re getting reliable data without burdening your already-busy staff.

AI-driven symptom checker.
AI-driven symptom checker.

Patients can easily log symptoms so our telehealth nurses can identify and flag potential problems. If you specialize in chronic care management, a virtual symptom checker can help you intervene in high-risk, non-emergent scenarios. Not only will our symptom checker escalate potential issues, our app will also provide recommended readings based on each patient’s unique needs.

End-to-end support.
End-to-end support.

We offer a full suite of solutions: from deviceless vital-signs measurement and hemodynamics, to managing health data and reporting, to full-service revenue cycle management with assistance from billing experts. We’ll be there with you every step of the way as you set up your program and discover ways to make your RPM system as effective and profitable as possible.

Centralizing Providers’ Data for the Good of Patients

Our mobile application, HealthyLYF, allows patients to record and access their medical data from anywhere. Providers can receive real-time biometric data from patients and access data from anywhere, at any time to help assess patient health in real-time to make better informed treatment decisions.

The app is connected to our fully-featured, interoperable RPM portal. The portal organizes data by individual patient, creates outbound alerts based on client-specific criteria, and if required, can connect to other database products.

We’ve designed this system with an emphasis on interoperability. Our first-of-its-kind RPM portal can interface with any medical practice’s system, so multiple specialists can connect and share access to the same patient data. Whether or not these provider’s specialties are related, we believe more robust data leads to a better understanding of patients’ health and better patient outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services with Benchmark Systems

RPM generates revenue, but taking advantage of the broad spectrum of healthcare reimbursement innovations requires exceptional knowledge and experience. We will analyze your practice and develop a toolset to provide you, your patients, and your practice with a substantial advantage.

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Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

While in-person visits are essential to staying healthy, most of a patient’s life happens outside the doctor’s office. Remote patient monitoring offers a better way for providers to empower patients to track and maintain their health at home. Plus, RPM is highly profitable for healthcare organizations.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Remote patient monitoring is an excellent way to manage chronic conditions like hypertension. With enhanced access to patient data, clinicians can better observe trends in health conditions and adjust care plans accordingly. Practice staff can even receive alerts when a patient’s at-home measurements indicate an emergency requiring swift communication and action.
  • Remote patient monitoring is highly reimbursable. The average RPM encounter reimbursement rate is $120 per encounter. If 50 patients are enrolled, a practice can generate $72,000 a year in revenue with monthly telehealth encounters. Our team of experts is familiar with RPM CPT codes, best practices for billing and patient data analysis, and more.
  • Value-based care aligns with remote patient monitoring. Over the years, physicians have focused more on quality of care. Both affordable and efficient, RPM allows providers to prioritize early intervention and improve healthcare delivery.
  • Remote patient monitoring is convenient for both patients and providers. With the right remote patient monitoring program, you can minimize wait times and in-office visits. There will always be a place for in-person visits, but RPM solutions can help providers evaluate their patients’ health more frequently, consistently, and effectively.

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