Must-Have Features for Remote Patient Monitoring

April 4, 2023

Remote patient monitoring is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it by allowing patients to record and transmit biometric data to their provider’s office from anywhere. This shift has profoundly impacted the continuity, efficiency, and value of patient care. Beyond the technological advancement of at-home biometric measurements without the use of medical devices, Benchmark Systems’ Remote Patient Monitoring features countless new ways for patients and providers to interact with this data.

Benchmark RPM’s ease of use is matched only by its exceptional capability within a unique, portal-based ecosystem. Through Benchmark Systems’ HealthyLyf application, patients can explore educational resources, schedule appointments, take assessments, and more.

Must-Have Features of Benchmark RPM

Remote patient monitoring programs have traditionally relied on specialized, wearable monitoring devices like glucose monitors, heart monitors, and pulse oximeters with which patients can take measurements of their health and treatment progress. With Benchmark Systems’ new deviceless remote patient monitoring, patients can measure their biometric data using just one piece of technology they already own: their smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to increasing numbers of applications built by scientists and developers, smart devices grow more useful and capable every day. Remote patient monitoring allows patients to record their data, and because that data is recorded on a web-connected smartphone or tablet, it’s easier than ever for patients to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Below, we’ll explore some features of remote patient monitoring now available through Benchmark RPM that go beyond simple measurement and transmission of patient data.

1. Curated Health Resources

The Benchmark RPM HealthyLYF application includes a collection of carefully selected health resources. Patients can browse articles and pages about their symptoms, diagnoses, treatment options, medications, and more so they can make informed lifestyle choices. This can be especially helpful for those managing chronic conditions who require additional guidance on different aspects of their care plan.

These materials are developed by third-party nonprofit research organizations and vetted by medical professionals to ensure their accuracy. These materials are never intended to diagnose or treat a patient, but they can  offer additional context for patients to discuss with their clinicians.

2. Easy telehealth scheduling

Patients enrolled in Benchmark RPM can request in-person or telehealth appointments with their providers through the app and can request a certain provider and indicate their availability. Once practice staff receive a telehealth appointment request, they can compare patients’ and providers’ availability to select a time that works for both parties.

Allowing patients to communicate their preferences and availability before scheduling can decrease missed appointments, cancellations, and rescheduling. Providing input while scheduling also helps patients feel heard and empowered to make decisions about their healthcare.

3. Access to health forums for peer support

Patients often have questions about their diagnoses or care plan that don’t require additional in-person attention from their providers — questions about lifestyle changes at home, the mental and emotional repercussions of an illness, or transitioning back into work after treatment. In these situations, the input of peers and healthcare professionals can help patients feel more informed and less alone in their struggles.

Within the HealthyLYF app, patients can anonymously ask and answer questions from peers and professionals, offering anecdotes and support to other users with similar circumstances. This support network can help patients feel more in control of their healthcare and allow them to exchange ideas and resources with one another.

4. Built-in assessments

The HealthyLYF application also comes equipped with an assessment tool for patients to consider. This function is a well-validated tool used to measure an individual’s perceived stress level immediately. Patients can track their stress levels over time and gain insight into their stress management needs. The results of the assessment can identify triggers that contribute to the patient’s stress levels and develop coping strategies to manage these triggers. This can be a motivating factor for patients who are actively working to manage their stress levels. These assessments, when submitted alongside their digitally recorded vital signs — such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels — provide a more holistic medical profile of the patient and a record of the patient’s sense of well-being.

By reviewing these assessments and biometric recordings before or during telehealth appointments, clinicians can better understand their patient’s symptoms while reducing time spent on patient evaluation. These assessments can also be repeated over time to help identify trends and triggers, allowing both patient and provider to understand and avoid some symptoms’ causes.

5. Dedicated care team members

Benchmark RPM comes backed with staffing. Our team of qualified, trained Registered Nurses can answer patient questions and help them understand how to use the HealthyLYF app and all it offers. Our care team members partner with patients to ensure they are comfortable and confident in the process from the moment they download the app.

This interactive care team system helps cultivate trust, in both the provider and the patient. Providers can rest assured the biometric measurements they receive from patients are accurate, and patients receive the exceptional level of care they have come to expect at in-person meetings without further burdening practice staff. The care team is always available to help and prioritizes patient health and safety above all else.

6. Stringent security standards

Benchmark RPM is HIPAA compliant and meets all federal and state requirements for telemedicine and for storing and transmitting sensitive medical information. These regulations form the vital framework around which we’ve built our incredibly flexible, interoperable, cloud-based systems.

HIPAA violations can create serious financial repercussions and can compromise the reputation of your entire organization. Fortunately, Benchmark RPM is highly secure so you can spend less time worrying about compliance — and more time focusing on patient outcomes.

Benchmark RPM is much more than a telehealth system

Benchmark Systems offers an entire suite of solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into one another or into your practice’s existing systems. Benchmark Systems’ remote patient monitoring features make it a major milestone in the development of personalized healthcare, putting knowledge, power, and compliant communication channels into the palm of patients’ hands.

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