Benchmark Systems: The All-in-One RPM Solution

April 24, 2023

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus created massive shifts in every industry, forcing businesses to rethink how they provide their services — especially in the healthcare field, in which demand soared and social distancing was imperative. Remote patient monitoring is now taking the healthcare industry by storm, providing millions of patients with access to more affordable and effective healthcare. 

Benchmark Systems’ deviceless remote patient monitoring is the latest addition to a full suite of healthcare solutions. Our comprehensive medical systems include practice management, electronic health records, and revenue cycle management. These separate software solutions can be purchased individually or bundled to create a seamlessly interconnected healthcare management ecosystem for your practice, saving you time without sacrificing exceptional care.

Benefits of RPM with Benchmark Systems’ Solutions

Benchmark Systems is a one-stop shop of technology solutions for your healthcare practice, and Benchmark RPM adds even more value and functionality. While Benchmark RPM can integrate with many diverse sources, utilizing deviceless RPM with other Benchmark Systems solutions provides new insights to care processes and protocols.

Below, we will highlight some unique advantages of connecting Benchmark RPM with Benchmark Systems’ other offerings — including Benchmark PM, Benchmark EHR, and Benchmark RCM.

1. Ease of configuration and connection

By consolidating all solutions into one platform, Benchmark Systems can ensure that the integration of patient data is seamless. With the increasing importance of interoperability between platforms, our systems are designed to interface effortlessly. Our team can customize our deviceless remote patient monitoring solution to work with any practice management or electronic health record system. However, it is crucial to note that having multiple access points to our software is highly valuable.

Benchmark RPM utilizes a powerful app and portal combination that connects patients to their providers from anywhere at any time. By utilizing Benchmark RPM alongside other Benchmark Systems solutions, we can configure and adjust the way that data is sent and received by your practice’s software without consulting with external vendors.

2. Connected practice management

Benchmark PM offers customizable dashboards, online self-scheduling for appointments, a powerful reporting interface, and integration with a medical billing clearinghouse. When combined with Benchmark RPM, it streamlines your onboarding process and provides a more efficient experience for the staff and patients. With access to customizable dashboards, online scheduling, live biometric data, and a reporting interface, the solution simplifies administrative tasks, freeing your staff to focus on providing quality patient care.

With our interoperable solution, you can also connect Benchmark RPM to your other technology systems, such as PM/EHR, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies. This provides a comprehensive view of your patient’s history in one convenient location, reducing the need for manual data entry and saving your practice time and money.

Streamlining administrative burdens improves efficiency and staff morale, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Benchmark PM and RPM offer a complete healthcare experience, minimizing administrative burdens while delivering high-quality care.

3. Integrated electronic health records

Benchmark EHR is an intuitive, user-friendly electronic health record system that can be customized to best serve more than 40 practice specialties. Patients’ medical records are stored alongside their demographic information and treatment history, giving clinicians a holistic, 360-degree view of their patients’ overall health and progress each time they interact. A robust library of document templates, ID-10 and CPT code modules, prescription refills, and laboratory testing interfaces combine to provide a comprehensive record of each patient within a single application.

Benchmark RPM can be configured to feed data directly from a patient’s smartphone or tablet to our portal and into their electronic health record. Patients can take measurements of their blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, breath rate, pulse respiratory quotient (PRQ), and more and transmit them without the need for additional appointments. Data collected more frequently and consistently can assist in more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment, improving patient outcomes with fewer in-person evaluations.

These new and complex insights are the foundation of successful Value-Based and Risk-Based contracting. Bring together care plans, test histories, pharmacy records, claims data, remote monitoring data, disease management, PCP documentation and notes, hospitalization records, and more. Each data set is valuable, but insights derived from their combination are invaluable. Our resources include advanced artificial intelligence (‘AI’ or ‘machine-learning’) tools. Your entire system learns and advances through each analysis cycle.

4. Dedicated revenue cycle management experts

Our powerful medical billing solution, Benchmark RCM, has helped practices reduce their accounts receivable to an average of under 30 days and minimized error rates, resulting in a 98% Clean Claims Rate. Our coding and billing specialists are experienced and dedicated experts who take on the minutia and frustrations of the billing process, fighting for your practice to receive appropriate and timely compensation for patient care.

Benchmark RPM supports value-based care, including MIPS reporting, and helps patients, providers, and administrative staff track care provided and treatment options. Remote patient monitoring is also highly reimbursable, with an average reimbursement for one RPM encounter of $120. When paired with Benchmark RCM, RPM claims are reviewed by our dedicated team of billing experts to ensure accuracy and maximize reimbursements, so your practice can do more with fewer in-office visits — boosting revenue while providing exceptional, personalized care to your patients.

5. End-to-end IT and care team support

Software upgrades and integrations can sound daunting, but Benchmark Systems is with you every step of the way. Our exceptional in-house support team is always available to help you understand and customize any of our tools.

Benchmark RPM also includes access to our dedicated RPM support team so you can engage with patients more than ever before. Our nurses partner with patients to help them understand the process and application. You can rest assured that your RPM measurements are accurate and that patients will receive the support they need to get the most out of their RPM program.


Benchmark Systems solutions are powerful alone, but better together.

We are proud to offer our extensive, comprehensive suite of medical practice management software solutions — and we are confident you’d love experiencing the full power of the Benchmark Systems suite of solutions. Each of these tools is incredibly powerful on its own for streamlining operations and improving patient trust and outcomes, but practice workflows can be simplified even further when these systems work together.

If you have any questions about Benchmark Systems’ practice management, electronic health record, or revenue cycle management systems — or if you would like to see them work flawlessly together in real time with Benchmark RPM — contact us. We would love to learn more about your practice’s needs.

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