Benchmark System’s EDI Clearinghouse Integration

The processing of electronic claims is a nightmare for most medical practices. With so many different medical billing services, insurance providers, and healthcare standards, your practice needs a solution to maintain claim submission and billing a breeze.

Benchmark Systems offers more than healthcare solutions such as practice management software and revenue cycle management—we offer a powerful and intuitive EDI Clearinghouse. What does this mean for your practice and the way you do business? Below explains how having an integrated clearinghouse makes billing follow-up seamless and highly efficient.

Benchmark Systems EDI clearinghouse features infographic

Clearinghouse Integration Features

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Benchmark Systems can tie schedules to systems for automatic queries for verification prior to appointments. This allows for known eligibility status prior to the patient’s arrival and is further supported with on-demand eligibility with responses received in seconds for handling same-day appointments and coverage changes.

Filing of Claims

Benchmark System’s Clearinghouse Integration allows the filing of both Professional and Institutional Claims.

Tracking Claim Status

Every claim has a known claim status which makes follow-up extremely efficient. With our automatic parsing of response reports, action items are highlighted without wading through pages of data. Various reports include clearinghouse response reports (even when multiple clearinghouses are involved), acknowledgment reports, submission reports, payer response reports, rejected claims reports, processing reports, and eventually the EOB itself.

Making Claim Changes

We understand the difficulty of making needed changes. With Benchmark Practice Management, claim changes can be made directly in the system whether it be for rebilling needs or to file secondary/tertiary claims electronically with payment information automatically attached.

Personalized Worklist

Users can create individualized worklists based on their follow-up goals (i.e., 15-day open Medicare claims, 45-day Patient Responsible balances, etc.) allowing for a highly efficient workflow.

Electronic Remittance Processing

With integration into Claim Billing history, all data is centralized from both batch and individual account levels. The system posts the majority (+95%) of payments, adjustments, and transfers, and each is completely automated allowing the user to focus on the few action items from a given EOB such as: denials, write-offs outside of expectations, and credits, etc.

Benchmark Pay

Once remaining balances become patient responsible, statements can integrate with Benchmark Pay; our easy-to-use online payment portal where payments are tracked and processed in real-time.

Interested in using an EDI Clearinghouse for your practice?

Whether your practice is searching for an EDI clearinghouse or you are unsatisfied with your current EDI clearinghouse solution, Benchmark Systems is the provider for you!  today!

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