10 Quick Tips for Independent Practices to Maximize Their Revenue Cycle Management

Running a private medical practice comes with flexibility in spades, and if you’ve been operating independently for a while, you likely know that managing your finances is paramount to your success. Excellent patient care should always stay at the forefront of what you do, but your billing processes can’t fall by the wayside. If you’re looking for ways to improve your cash flow and bolster your practice’s financial health, it may be time to audit your RCM strategies and make adjustments.  

Here are ten quick tips to help independent practices like yours learn how to improve revenue cycle management. 

Women physician using Benchmark RCM (revenue cycle management service) from her laptop.

1. Track Your Claims Denial Rate

When insurance claims are denied, you can experience significant lags in reimbursement. By tracking your claims denial rate, you can identify areas where missteps often occur and avoid them in the future.


2. Use Dedicated Billing Software 

Investing in dedicated billing software can revolutionize your entire revenue cycle process. Software like Benchmark PM can streamline billing tasks, reduce errors, and help you net more cash. When you keep all your financial records and processes in one place, you can significantly improve efficiency. 


3. Stay Informed of Coding Changes and Billing Regulations 

Medical coding and billing regulations are subject to frequent updates. Staying informed about the latest changes ensures accurate coding and billing practices, reducing the risk of claim denials.  


4. Verify Insurance Ahead of Visits 

To prevent payment delays and ensure accurate billing, verify patients’ insurance coverage before their appointments when you can. Confirming eligibility and understanding the details of patients’ insurance plans can help avoid surprises and facilitate smoother transactions. 


5. Educate Your Patients 

Patient education plays a vital role in revenue cycle management. Patients who understand their financial responsibilities are more likely to pay their medical bills on time. Communicate costs, payment options, and insurance details to patients during their visits to enhance transparency and minimize payment delays. 


6. Review Practice Data Regularly 

Regularly reviewing practice data, including financial reports and key performance indicators (KPIs), allows you to identify trends, track performance, and make informed decisions. Data-driven insights enable proactive management and help address potential issues before they escalate. 


7. Leverage Automations 

Embrace technological advancements for automating repetitive tasks within the revenue cycle. Automation can significantly reduce errors, enhance efficiency, and free up staff to focus on other aspects of practice management. 


8. Use a Clearinghouse 

A clearinghouse serves as a mediator between healthcare providers and payers, facilitating electronic claims submission and processing. Utilizing a clearinghouse can enhance claim accuracy, reduce rejections, and expedite reimbursement, ultimately improving the efficiency of your revenue cycle. 


9. Offer Multiple Ways to Pay 

To accommodate varying patient preferences, provide multiple payment options. Accepting credit cards, facilitating online payments, and offering payment plans can make it easier for patients to settle their bills promptly. This flexibility contributes to higher collection rates and improved cash flow. 


10. Outsource Your RCM 

With more and more providers experiencing unprecedented burnout, it can be challenging to juggle patient care, administrative processes, and billing. Outsourcing allows your practice to benefit from the expertise of professionals dedicated to optimizing billing processes.

Benchmark Solutions Can Help You Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management

Effectively managing the revenue cycle is paramount for the success of independent medical practices. By implementing these ten quick tips, healthcare providers can streamline their billing processes, reduce errors, and maximize their financial performance. Or, if you’d rather work with a team that can drastically transform your RCM for good, we’d be happy to help.

Learn More About Benchmark RCM

When practices partner with Benchmark RCM, they:

  • Have a dedicated account representative
  • Average a 98% clean claims rate
  • Reduce AR to under 30 days
  • 20% revenue increase in 1st year
  • 30% improved collections
  • 50% reduction in days in accounts receivable
  • 98% first-pass clean claims rate

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