Benchmark RCM

Is your current billing team underperforming? Is your practice struggling to collect what it should? Benchmark Systems billing team will get you back on track to collect every dollar you’ve earned.

Why Benchmark RCM?

Benchmark Systems RCM offers certified coding professionals with over 220 years of combined billing experience. After years of working with clients, we understand the burden practice financials can have on the entire organization. We start by simplifying your office finances and put a plan in place to work together to strengthen your practice without the hassle of hiring and training additional staff. We’re ready to tackle any practice with reporting flexibility, eligibility verification, integrated claims tracking with denial management and follow-ups.

Maximum Reimbursement

We will collect your maximum reibbursement with a 95% first submission cycle payment, at the least possible cost to your practice.

Increased Collections

A typical client experiences a 10-15% increase in collections the first year of using our services.

Payment Based on Successful Transactions

Gain Visibility and retain more control of your cash flow with Benchmark RCM. Our fees are based on a percentage of collections, dependent upon your specialty, which means we don’t get paid until you get paid.

We are 100% satisfied with the billing portion of the services we receive from Benchmark Systems.

Mrs. Crittenden
High Country Neurology

Benchmark Systems RCM allows for a very small practice, the time to operate with small overhead and with a part time employee.

Claire Martindale
Charis Institute

I have been with Benchmark Systems for 10 years and am looking forward to the next 10 years.

Dr. Thomas Hatter

How Much Money is Sitting in Your 90+ bucket?

“Time limit for claim submission has expired” – As a billing provider, we see this denial in new customers frequently. This is a primary indicator that your follow up process could use some help.  With Benchmark Systems RCM, our average Clean Claims Rate is 95% resulting in extremely low error rates leading your practice to more money, faster!

Let’s work together to put the proper precautions in place for an efficient workflow.

How Many Days do You Have in Your Account Receivables?

The National Average of days in AR is 56. With Benchmark Systems RCM, your days in AR can be reduced even below the national average with our proven track record of reducing a practice’s days in AR to an average of less than 30 days.

Contact us today and start your journey to financial health with Benchmark Systems’ billing professionals.

Practice Management

Experience a new level of financial visibility, operational efficiency and statistical management reporting that gives you the freedom to focus on your patients. Benchmark streamlines workflow across your entire practice, improving front- and back-end office operations to reduce errors, improve patient care and boost revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management

With Benchmark RCM, you finally have more time to spend with your patients, friends and family – and the energy to expand your practice without hiring and training additional back-office staff. Our polished professionals oversee your billing and collections. Certified coding and insurance experts handle claims submissions, eligibility verification, denial management and follow-ups. 

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