Benchmark Systems provides technology for many different specialties. We strive to offer technology that not only works but adheres to individual, specialty-specific practice needs.  What sets us apart is we dig deeper to offer far beyond the surface; knowing that efficient healthcare technology demands specialty-specific technology customized to your practice.

So what does this look like?

Lets go a layer deeper and explore our Nephrology specific features. Nephrology is a very complex specialty requiring practices to track patients across various care modalities.  Nephrologists have to track their patients from the office environments as well as from the hospital(s) and Dialysis Centers.  Benchmark Systems has worked to create a platform that helps tie all of this together.

 Our Dialysis Management module helps providers track their monthly basic and comprehensive dialysis center visits to ensure maximum reimbursement from CMS.  Our mobile app keeps data entry simple and seamlessly communicates with Benchmark PM.  At the end of the month billing staff can populate all Dialysis Center charges with the click of a button and rollup codes are automatically assigned to each patient based off the number and type of visit.

In addition to tracking Dialysis Center patients, providers are able to view their hospital rounds with our mobile app.  Hospital rounds can be entered ahead of time, if known, or added in process using the mobile app.  From there providers can easily associate CPT billing codes to their rounds which again flow into Benchmark PM for processing.

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