Our Company Culture


The Benchmark Systems Company Culture


Company culture is a concept which, while incredibly difficult to explain or measure, is very important to our company’s well-being and employee morale. At Benchmark Systems we realize our culture is made up of all of the life experiences each employee brings to the organization. Each decision we make is based on a foundation of accountability, ethics and values. Our employees are our most valuable asset and what set us apart in the marketplace. Here is a sampling of how our employees feel about the culture at Benchmark Systems.

About our Employee Culture

“The words that came to mind first are professional and friendly. Benchmark Systems employees are personable with clients and ensure very good, established relationships. Our staff is ever changing to improve performance, customer service and efficiency. We have fun when appropriate and are caring to each other. Benchmark Systems employees promote employee well-being by offering incentives for choosing to be healthy. We are AWESOME.”


Physician Services

“Our team is a close knit bunch that feels more like family than co-workers.  The lines between departments and job responsibility are blurred because it is always an environment of “all-hands on deck.”  You may be working alone with a client, but you truly are never alone.  Each and every employee at Benchmark Systems is right there if you need help, no matter the task.  Someone will always support you.  If ever there was a living definition of a TEAM, Benchmark Systems is it.”


Implementation and Training Team Manager

About our Customer Culture

“A corporation takes strong leaders and a vision to bring success.  Many companies have this in their genetic string, but the Benchmark Systems difference is that each leader at our company has “been in the trenches.”  What our customers’ experience, we have experienced when we walked their path before coming to Benchmark Systems.  Antworks provides a solid foundation of knowledge and support to each and every client.  Our clients are our number one priority and we understand that without them, we are nothing, therefore we go above and beyond to fill their needs.

Our goal is to maintain a symbiotic relationship with our clients.  It takes their use of our products and feedback to continue to make our products better; to fill the needs of the many while also accommodating those of the few.  With ever changing regulations and requirements for running a practice and maintaining patient health information, we must be prepared to make adjustments to our products without our clients suffering the change.  We quickly and regularly update our products to maintain stable and up-to-date software, so that the clients move along in their day without feeling those bumps in the road.”


Support Team Manager

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